“Mind-Changers – VI: The Body-Sitters” / Memorable Fancies #1057

[The future: Transplanting minds from one living person to another is now possible. ]

Can one person own more than one body? Yes, but each body must be inhabited by a different mind, in order to remain alive. That’s how the Body-Sitter profession came about: minds who are paid to keep a vacant body alive and watch out for its welfare, feeding and exercising it, until its owner-mind decides to inhabit it again.

Body-Sitter is a responsible profession, because if carelessly performed (such as eating foods the host is allergic to), the host body might die. Therefore, Sitters are subject to certification at the highest levels.

Some Sitters became famous and are in great demand. “Guess who sat my body last week while I was vacationing in a Broadway star’s body! And he went to an exclusive club and now everybody thinks I’m really dashing and gallant and so on when it was all owing to my Sitter. No wonder he charges so much!”


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