“Mind-Changers – V” / Memorable Fancies #1051

[The future: Transplanting minds from one living person to another is now possible. ]

I wanted to become someone else. Not just “turn over a new leaf” or “be born again,” – those would just be me all over again. No, I wanted to become a living, breathing, completely different person.

After some research, I selected Ralph Kargen of Otta, Kansas as the person I intended to be. There wasn’t much documentation on Kargen, but I found what I could, and understood that he had no fatal illnesses or major indictments or lawsuits.

I went to Kansas and found him at home. He looked up at me calmly. You, he said, it’s about time. I’ll enjoy being you.

I realized, too late, that something was wrong.



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        See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.


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