“The Mind-Changers – I” (beginning a new series) / Memorable Fancies #1027

     I suppose I should tell you how it came about: A few very rich people wanted to live “forever,” and paid a group of scientists to see if that could be feasible. Bodies inevitably wear out, they reported, including brains. Teleomeres, synapses, the gradual accumulation of poison-traces from the foods we eat and the air we breathe, corrupted genes – “forever” just wasn’t possible for our bodies.

   But minds – minds use brains as their infrastructure, but the mind itself isn’t subject to physical decay; it only seems that way because our brains get old.

     Minds might eventually age, but we’ll never know until we – execute a certain experimental protocol. This would, the scientists said, of course be unethical and illegal.

     But money has its own ethics. And makes its own laws.

[to be continued]



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