“Prime Time Rhyme Crime” / Memorable Fancies #1007

[“What rhymes are these? I said, raising my sword.” – Roberto Bolaño]

         Perhaps it was an accident at first, two words that just happened to end the same way. But it became a trend, then a craze. Ultimately, by the command of a young price enchanted with belles lettres, it was forbidden not to rhyme.

         In a panic, poets bought syllables, traded them. “I have an ‘-ence’; I’ll trade you for an ‘-oly,’” one said. A few rare syllables brought high prices. Fortunes were offered to anyone who could find a rhyme for “silver” or “orange.”

        Near-rhymes were not allowed to pass without comment or punishment. Once, upon hearing “horizon” rhymed with “Verizon,” the young prince ordered the neck of the offending poet placed on the executioner’s block. The poet was not allowed to make a last phone call.



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