“The Diagnosis” / Memorable Fancies #1006

         I don’t have a mirror image. I don’t have my reflected self to speak with, gain its counsel. When I look in a mirror, all I see is the wall behind me. I’m careful to ensure that no one else notices my handicap, calls attention, thoughtlessly or rudely, to it.

         Am I a vampire? I do chew my fingernails occasionally, but no one else’s, and I don’t like raw meat, much less blood. I can walk by a cross, or a garland of garlic, without freaking out. The sight of a beautiful neck can arouse my desire, but not my hunger. Having no mirror image must be some kind of freak medical condition, one the doctors have no ICD code for.

         I went to the wizard to seek his counsel, related my problem with mirrors. “Hmmm,” he said, holding his chin in his hand, “hmmm. You might be – yes, that might well be it – did you have some kind of close call just before you started noticing this problem?”

         I said “Well, yes, in fact, I did. I was in a bad car crash a few weeks ago. I still have stitches and scars.”

         “That’s it!” he smiled in triumph, leaping out of his chair and looking at me. “Yes: I have the answer. You died, you must have died in that crash. You know those last final seconds can seem to last forever? Well, not really forever. A few weeks, perhaps.”



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        See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.

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