“‘I have a little shadow'” / Memorable Fancies #849

         Whenever I meet someone in the street, my shadow leaves me for a moment and mimics them, mocks the way they hold their arms or imitates, depending on the time of day, the insignificant stature of their own shadow.

         Some of my friends are annoyed by this habit, accuse me of having secret thoughts about them that I try to hide, but my shadow betrays me. Aha, they say, you cannot lie to us; you are found out.

         Hearing that I am credited with the movements of my shadow, it makes a few rude gestures in my direction. Nothing avails: my friends think I am doing this to myself. Poor fellow, they say, he must be mentally ill, using the term our culture finds the most offensive of all insults.

       My shadow, however, is delighted and does a little dance. No one sees this but me.



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        See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.


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