Five Briefs / Memorable Fancies #847

My shadow precedes me. No great mystery: it’s sunset and the light is behind me. But next morning it does the same.


Machines have ‘spirituals’ even though they have no ‘spirits.’ They gather in the evenings and retrieve sad hymns from their database. [– after Ludwig Wittgenstein]


The end of everything was a disappointment, of course, since I’d made plans for my future, and now, no one’s future will ever happen,. It was some consolation for me that our leaders would have no future, either. [– after Jean Baudrillard]


Inspection of the call girls by the madam: Open wide, now. “Say ‘Ah’”


[“The plaza recomposes itself as you walk away.” – Roberto Bolaño] Looking back, it’s whole again; it has expelled you, its spit-wad, its foreign extrusion.



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        See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.


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