“The Ink Monologue” / Memorable Fancies #835

       “There are serious decisions to be made here, Janey, because tattoos are pretty much permanent, or not removed without a lot of pain. So what kind of tat are you looking for?

         “‘D A V E’? OK, is that your boyfriend’s name? Then you’d better be prepared not to date anyone not named “Dave,” from here on out. Or not get too serious with him, depending on which body part we’re talking about here.

         “Speaking of that, where would you like your tat?

         “Oh – there?

         “No, there’s nothing wrong with that spot, but it’s – unusual.

         “Yes, I’m sure it would get you a lot of attention. But maybe only from Dave. Is that what you want?”



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        See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.




  1. Dr Sherri Worth

    “The Ink Monologue” / Memorable Fancies #835 – Memorable Fancies

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