“The Shoe-seum” / Memorable Fancies #832

Helen’s hobby is collecting footwear of famous killers. She displays them in her home, with labels like “Al Capone’s Last Shoes,” or “Lee Harvey Oswald’s Bathroom Slippers.” She buys or begs these from the killers’ relatives, or cuddles up to cops who take shoes from evidence lockers for her, once the courts have no more use for them.

As she admits, it’s a real challenge to come by these items, and then verify that they were actually worn by the malefactors. DNA sequencing, when she can afford it, is her preferred authentication method.

Some of her friends think her hobby’s a big waste of time, or just wacky; some of us even say that to her face. But she doesn’t relent. She’s planning to open a museum, she says, once she has a hundred exhibits or so, and charge admission.

Helen gets urgent emails from DNA labs, she tells us, warning her “For God’s sake stay away from whoever it was who wore those shoes!”



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