“Clarity” / Memorable Fancies #785

      Recently announced: a program to enable people to find out what they really believe – not those solemn things said on solemn occasions but really – down deep – one’s ultimate beliefs unsullied by the demands of everyday dishonesty.

       So I made an appointment with the local office of Credere, Inc., to help me sort all this out, discover what I really believed, what my “values” (as they called them) really were; to end my doubts and confusions. Credere would, their ads claimed, make it possible for people like me to make decisions quickly, firmly, decisively, and never look back. “Purity of heart is to will one thing” was their motto.

      On the appointed day I entered the Credere office and was escorted to a small room to meet my designated Credist. “Not to worry,” she said, “many, like you, are conflicted in their minds; don’t know right from wrong anymore. I will cure you of that, using the latest technology.” She glanced at a machine near her shoulder. “Instead of confusion, we will instill absolute clarity in your mind. Think what a relief that will be!”

      And so I subjected myself to the machine. With the Credist’s aid I delved deeper into my mind. Afterwards, I studied Credere’s teachings under her guidance. These have now become my values. All the way down.



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