Five Briefs / Memorable Fancies #763

[“…the secret names of things” – Roberto Calasso] – Not only cats have secret names, but things do as well. That blender? “Crunch” it wanted to be called, but the name was taken.


Searching for my words so rashly spoken, hunting them down, those unfortunate words that barely escaped me, got away before I could re-call them. Eating, swallowing them down like a fish devouring its own eggs.


Remembering that time, the two shadows act out a dumb-show of the final meeting between their men: gestures, sharp edges of knives…


Walter wants to be alone. /

He has come to the theater, and it is intermission. /

All around him there is excited talk. /

He pretends to smile, pretends to nod. /

No one speaks with him. /

He could not be more alone.


The infant god receives a coloring book for his birthday, and some crayons. Blue, mostly; some browns and greens.



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