“Histories” / Memorable Fancies #740

[“Bussoftlhee, mememormee!” – Finnegan’s Wake]

     Those responsible for remembering the history of our tribe were the very old ones, those who told stories around the campfire. But they often disagreed among themselves as to what had happened, who had done what, if a god was to blame, if so which one, and so on.

     So we decided to vote on which old one’s memory was correct, and which others were the products of wishful thinking or doddering minds.

     We made use of this process again and again as we determined the truth about our history. Finally, we realized that the old ones were no longer needed. We could make up the past ourselves just as easily as they did. And with better results, too: more heroism, less thought. All we had to do was vote, and the truth would roll down as a mighty stream.

     And we wouldn’t have to feed and care for those old windbags anymore.



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