“I am two people” / Memorable Fancies #735

[“I generally conceived myself to be two people.” – James Hogg]

     I am two people. Not ‘I’ and a stranger, however; I suppose that would have been tolerable. I could live with two different selves in my body. Perhaps they could keep each other from loneliness, engage in lively discussions, disagreements, polite tugging and shoving.

     Or a younger ‘I’; I could comfortably co-inhabit with him, I suppose. It would be interesting, my giving him unwanted, even fatherly advice, he disagreeing with everything I say, threatening to leave my body and join the Army or something. I suppose I could get used to that.

     But not two identical me’s of the same age. That’s what I ended up with. It’s not working. We never communicate, because each of us knows already what the other is about to complain about, where he itches, where he is about to scratch.



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