“The Crash” / Memorable Fancies #733

Ben Wallace wakes up in a hospital bed, tells the doctor he doesn’t remember anything about the car crash they told him about, doesn’t even remember much about his life, or even if he’s married. The doctor smiles, tells Ben his memory will slowly return.

A woman named Amanda visits him, hugs him, says the kids are fine but worried about you, the boss says take as much time as you need to recover. Ben doesn’t remember her, but, he thinks, he will someday, and he will remember their children too. How many were there? Boys or girls? Well, it would all come back.

Eventually, Ben begins to recover his memory, bit by bit; a flash of recognition here, an image there. He now remembers the crash, is relieved to recall that he hadn’t caused it.

Now he remembers more. A man named Ben Wallace was killed after crossing the double yellow. His wife Amanda was still in shock, the children staying with friends.



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