“I Dream of Jeannie” / Memorable Faicies #731

John was an enthusiast of dreams. He remembered them all, wrote them down the next morning, bored everyone around him with their fantastic plots. Then, one day, a co-worker said “John, all those dreams are about you. Do you know how egotistical that sounds? No wonder you never get invited anywhere. I’ll bet if you dream about your what your friends do, and then tell them about those dreams, they would be flattered and might even start to like you. How about Jeannie, for instance. I’ll bet you have dreams about her.”

John took the advice. He told Jeannie and his other friends their fears and desires as he saw them in his own dreams, those embarrassing or distressing events they dreaded experiencing in real life. John was disliked even more, now, and never invited anywhere.



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