“Five Briefs” / Memorable Fancies #714

Mirrors suddenly stop reversing your image left-right when you look at them. Unfortunately, now they show you upside down.


Members of this church are called “Propensitants,” for their propensity to…


A confused man is trying to memorize his name, starting over, starting over, starting over, seeing if colored blocks would help. A … R … H … was he a ‘Harold’? Maybe not. Maybe he was a Harold then but not anymore? No, I guess not, he mutters.


When she looked more closely, the writing on the page had disappeared. All she could see was the hole in the “O”’s.


The game of musical minds: when the music stops, there’s one fewer mind. Finally I’m all alone. Coincidence? Luck? No; I’m very good at cheating.



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