“Honor” / Memorable Fancies #696

      Arnold Hudson took a position as a sculptor’s model because it was the only job he could find. Long hours, painful joints from having to stand very still for hours. He did get to wear fine clothes and a bemedalled sash, but had to leave them in the studio at the end of each session.
      One day he asked who the statue would be of, and was told that his pose and body would soon become the Lord Mayor himself, in stone. “You should feel honored,” the sculptor said. “You would make a fine Lord Mayor yourself.” But he laughed when he said it.
      Then the sculpture was done. Arthur exited onto the street and struck a pose appropriate to a Lord Mayor. Yes, he felt like a Lord Mayor now; he knew how to stand, how not to bow his head or tip his hat, how to assume an imperious look.
      He ceased his habitual slouch, began lifting his head slightly, nodding confidently to the well-dressed of the city. Soon he was offered positions of importance, honor.

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