“Five Briefs XXXII” / Memorable Fancies #680

The temple statue says: I am not a representation of the god, I am the god. If not me, then where is the god? Let it for once show itself!
The Story: A narrative appears, then a different version, then yet another, as if someone were reluctantly confessing, searching to find the right story one whiplash at a time.
What happens in the audience IS the play. Sneezing, groping, fights. The plot unfolds in the audience as the actors do some trivial and irrelevant performance, stage business perhaps borrowed from a different play.
“Yes sir,” the factory foreman said proudly, “we harvest every bit of these people: for meat, fertilizer, even glue – all but the squeal. Afterwards there’s nothing left. Nothing.”
Who said that? Was it I? I don’t know; I wasn’t listening.

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