“Earth-Shaker – VII” / Memorable Fancies #677

[“After the thing passes they take up, though softly, their conversations.” – Henri Michaux]

     There was a great current in the earth, moving like some Gulf Stream of stone. We felt its passage. It flowed through rock as fish through sea.
      We became afraid to ride the subways. Well, hadn’t some people, always? Remember Bernard Goetz?
      “The chthonic spirits.” Someone on TV said that. We scurried to our dictionaries to see what that meant, if it portended ill for us or was just a protest group we hadn’t heard of before, or rappers.
      The subways were gradually abandoned. Trains came and went above ground, but turned back before entering the tunnels.
      “It’s trying to shake us off,” one said, “like we were so many fleas, or dandruff flakes. At least, I heard that on talk-radio this morning. But those right-wingers, you know, how can you …”
      “I’m concerned,” another said, “for the people to the east; the shaking seemed to go that way.”
      Simon lifted his glass. “No more bums in the subway stations, eh?” Alice smiled. The wine in Simon’s glass began to shake, at first just a little.

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