“Retromail” / Memorable Fancies #662

      2018: Sending tweets or emails into the past is now a routine offering, for a few extra dollars, from retromail.com. Most people receive a few retrograms every day, sent to them from their selves and friends in the future. Having a great time, know you’ll be here ha ha, etc.
      Danny was in the habit of sending an email to his earlier self every day, because he remembered how scared of dying he was back then, and how much his olderDanny emails meant to him.
In a way, olderDanny thought to himself, he was being used by his younger self, shamed into sending those damn emails every day so that coward would know he’d have more years to live. OlderDanny remembered what a jerk youngerDanny had been. Would serve him right if olderDanny stopped sending him those emails.
      And so he did: olderDanny stopped sending tweets and emails to youngerDanny. Then youngerDanny despaired, and killed himself. He didn’t survive to become olderDanny to send the emails, to stop sending the emails, to get youngerDanny so discouraged that he killed himself, so he didn’t survive to send .… Well, having a great time, doubt if you’ll ever get here ha ha, etc.

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