“Left and Right: A Quiz” / Memorable Fancies #658

Left and Right: A Quiz

1. In baseball, ‘left field’ is on the left as seen by the (a) pitcher, or (b) batter?

2. In heraldry, the left (“sinister”) side of a coat of arms is on the left as seen by (a) one looking at the coat of arms, or (b) one hypothetically standing behind the coat of arms?

3. The lion or eagle depicted on the flags of which of these places faces left (a) Spain; (b) Bulgaria; (c) Ceylon; (d) Finland; (e) Mexico; (f) Nova Scotia; (g) Montenegro; (h) Illinois?

4. The ‘left bank’ of a river is that bank (a) more to the west [as on a map]; or (b) on the left as one goes upstream; or (c) on the left as one goes downstream?

5. The ‘left wing’ of a political body (such as the French revolutionary parlement) is on the left side of the chamber as seen by (a) a member of the body, or (b) one at the podium?

6. On the Great Seal of the United States, the eagle faces (a) left from the viewpoint of the eagle; or (b) left as seen by the viewer; or (c) both of the above; or (d) neither?

7. ‘Right’ or its equivalent means both a relative direction and a political or social ‘right’ in English, and also in which of these languages (a) French; (b) German; (c) Latin; (d) Spanish; (e) Anglo-Saxon; (f) Kikuyu; (g) Gujarati?

This quiz was prepared by a left-hander (www.terencekuch.net); that is, left from his point of view, right from the point of view of anyone facing him and telling him what a damn shame it is that he’s a lefty. Handicapped, really. Almost disabled.


Answers: 1-b; 2-b; 3-all of them, but Montenegro’s flag shows one eagle’s head facing left, another facing right; 4-c; 5-b; 6-b; 7-All of them.



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