“A Clear Conscience” / Memorable Fancies #652

“The state in which we are is sinful, irrespective of guilt.” – Kafka

     The feeling that we are all guilty spreads through the country like a dread disease. There is disagreement as to what we are guilty of, but each of us can remember something – a petty crime, a cruel act, a long-held grudge, a wish for an enemy to die in unendurable pain. The guilt-plague spreads from person to person.

     Cures are sought. If we could find one person who is not ridden by these guilt feelings, there would be hope for all of us.

     At last, a man is found who has no sense of guilt, who has done what we all have done but with a clear conscience, who has done what he has wanted to do, without hesitation or remorse. By acclimation, we make him our leader.

     That, it turns out, was a mistake.



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