“The Book Attacks” / Memorable Fancies #649

I went to bed at ten, hoping for a good night’s sleep. But I couldn’t doze off. Eleven, midnight, one,…. And then it was two a.m. that March Thursday and very quiet, with neither heat nor A/C on. The world in stillness lay, and I was enjoying the silence.

     Then I heard a faint noise from my study. Ignored it. Heard it again. Wearily, I rose and walked into the study. Standing still and holding my breath, after a minute I heard the sound again. It was coming from a glass-fronted cabinet of books. A mouse? A large insect?

     I pulled a few books out of the cabinet and examined them, and then the cabinet itself. On the bottom shelf, behind a large dictionary, I found a crudely bound book lurking, trying to hide, making noises mingling fright and threat.

     As I was reaching for it, it attacked me, slamming itself against my face. I wasn’t prepared for that; drops of blood fell from my nose onto my pajamas. But I fought it off, struggled, grasped it with both hands, finally forced it into immobility.

     What sort of book was this? Holding it down with one hand I opened it with the other, read several pages about its hatred of mankind, its plans to destroy us, prepare the world for an invasion of – what? It was a word I wasn’t familiar with.

     Well! Judging from the blood still dripping from my nose, I realized that the book could be a serious threat to people, especially children, even if its morbid dreams were nothing but sick fantasy. I shut the book back up in its cabinet and placed several heavy boxes against the door.

     Checking online, I found that the book was out of print and only seventeen copies were available. I ordered them all, intending to burn them as soon as they arrived.

      But then I saw a small notice: a Kindle version had been released – just that morning. Then the screen went blank.



BETA READERS WANTED for my third novel, Try Try Again. Here’s the blurb:


“The near future: the year’s hottest TV show is a rebroadcast of highlights from a famous televised trial (the murder of a Congressman) where viewers can log in and “act” along with the trial principals via a Kinect-like device. Contestants (“agonists”) the show’s computer selects as the best in-character at any given moment win cash prizes. But there are unanswered questions about the trial – was the killer, a loser named Charley Dukes, put up to the killing by someone else? Why? The novel focuses on one at-home agonist, Jillian Hall, who is obsessed with the role of defense attorney. Jillian discovers the truth about the murder and the nefarious high-level plot behind it, in collaboration with the real defense attorney from the original trial – the woman Jillian has tried so hard to “be” for the past year.”


No obligation to report on the novel, but all views will be gratefully received. For a copy (pdf) comment here, or email memorable_fancies@yahoo.com. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.


See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.




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