“Third Epistle to the Corinthians – What If…” / Memorable Fancies #645

Therefore I write these things being absent (2 Corinthians 13:10)

     In our last letter, Paul wrote “God saved us from dying in Asia, and he will save us again.” But by now you know that Paul is dead in Rome, and Timothy in hiding.

     Before he died, Paul asked me to write you in his name, that you remain strong in the faith. I know how much you venerate the two letters he wrote you. You copy them to other churches. You settle doctrine with them. You decorate them with gold. You touch them to cure the sick. You search their very commas to drag the least clue of God from them.

     I am writing, as Paul asked me to. But I know what you would do with this letter: copy it to others, decorate it with gold, declare it the very word of God, disputed at risk of heaven.

     I do not want this to happen. My words barely tell of my own self, much less of God. The Spirit is not inked on a scroll, but arises within. Therefore, brothers in Christ, when I finish this letter I will tear it up, lest it become encrusted with doctrine, with gold. You have the two letters already; I will not add a third.






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