“The Great Video Cortex Machine – III: The Wikimind” / Memorable Fancies #635

     Men and women, in search of fame or prized household appliances, volunteer to be plugged into the Great Video Cortex Machine show for viewer enlightenment, or at least amusement. Esther Hailey is the latest to appear on the show.

     On nationwide TV and to the augmented applause of the studio audience, Esther is escorted to the Great Video Cortex Machine. Delicate filaments are attached to her head and body, inside and out. Thoughout the country, fans log on to Esther’s mind and wait.

     Patiently, Esther thinks through her existence as a typical American. Viewers take over, rewrite the plot of her life. Bad memories fade, become less painful. New memories are invented, inserted. Other viewers revise these. Plots of old romance novels are adapted for Esther, customized to her own life. At last, she meets her true love but he is killed protecting her and heroically fighting the enemy but she will remember him forever.

     Esther goes away weeping for her true love’s life, but she is happy. At last, she feels, something has happened in her life.



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Fragments COVER pshopped - Copy (2)



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