“Convenience” / Memorable Fancies #602

     Ernest killed a convenience-store clerk in a holdup. He was afraid that he would be arrested, but to his surprise the dead man’s ex-wife was charged with the murder. Even more to his surprise, Ernest received a jury summons and was placed on the jury trying the ex-wife for the murder Ernest committed. Now, Ernest had a clear conflict of interest here, which he should have revealed to the judge. But he did not do so, and he also survived the voir dire because neither counsel thought to ask him “Did you, yourself, Ernest, kill that store clerk?”

     In the privacy of the jury room, eleven members of the jury voted the ex-wife “guilty.” Ernest did not. The others, just wanting to go home and watch TV and eat junk food, urged Ernest not to be a jury-pooper. So Ernest said, “I killed that store clerk myself.” But no one believed him. They laughed at him, told him he was making a stupid joke and wasting their time and just go along with us, hey?

     So he did.



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     See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.


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