“The Contest” / Memorable Fancies #591

     An official challenge has been made. Bill Gartner, a little-known building contractor, is challenging our veteran Congressman Orton F. Williams.

     Williams, Gartner says, is old and weak. His mind is failing. He is absent too often from the great debates on the floor of Congress. It’s time for someone younger, more vigorous, to represent us, he says.

     As the challenged person, Congressman Williams is allowed his choice of weapons. He selects flame-throwers. Not heavy, do not require much mobility or perfect aim. He feels confident that he can hold off this newest challenge from a younger, more sincere, but less desperate candidate.

     We citizens await the contest with interest. Bets are made, stadium tickets sold.



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     See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.


09 At All Adventure front cover


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