“The Second Body XII – The Restaurant” / Memorable Fancies #561

[In the year 2030, having a lab-grown second body is the latest style must-have. “Twos,” they’re called. They can be very helpful, but….]

     Wednesday was Paul’s regular day to have lunch with Sally. They found a table at The Meating Place Restaurant and ordered. Paul made small talk, but Sally was obviously distracted.

     “Isn’t that funny?” he said.

     “Isn’t what funny?”

     “What I just said.”

     “Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I’ve got some issues with my Two; it doesn’t trust me. But tell me again; I promise to laugh.”

     “Not worth repeating.”

     Just then the food arrived. Sally asked the waiter for a knife and fork.

     “Come on, Sally, use your hands!” Paul teased. “It’s not like a fresh kill if you use a fork.”

     She gave him an apologetic look, but didn’t relent. The knife and fork appeared.

     Paul picked up a heart in his hands. Pleased, he noted that it was showing the last tremors of life. He bit down, hard.

     “What kind of meat is this, anyway?” asked Sally.

     “Don’t you like it?” asked Paul.

[to be continued]


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