“The Second Body – IX: The President Speaks” / Memorable Fancies #547

[In the year 2030, having a lab-grown second body is the latest style must-have. “Twos,” they’re called. They can be very helpful, but….]

     “Just think of it: a buddy. The Second Body – just like me!” The President smiled at the camera. “Who could your best friend be anyway, but yourself? How does it go, ‘See ourselves as others see us’? Well now, you can! Your Two won’t be able to do everything you do at first, but a lot of it. Housework. Data entry. Simple appliance repair. Answering the telephone. Going to community meetings for you. I, you might be interested in knowing, sit in on cabinet meetings. Once in a while I chair them when the President is away.

     “A real body,” it continued, “a real voice; yours. Someone you can rely on: not emails, posts, tweets, but skin and bones.” It paused. “How about it, Friend? Your government isn’t giving these out for free — they’re high-end consumer luxuries. But for less than you might think you can have a Second Body: a Friend; a companion; a helper; even — a handball buddy who always gives you a great game but never quite wins. The Second Body. Thank you and God bless America.”

     A woman stepped to the podium. “President-Two will not be taking questions today,” she said.

[to be continued]




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