“Time Travel for Shopping and Other Mischief” / Memorable Fancies #534

     “Time travel for shopping!” the online ad announced. “Just think of it! Buy an original Rembrandt for just a an ounce or two of silver, or the original score of a Mozart symphony!”

     Other firms picked up the theme. “Time Travel for Sex” was a big hit, traveling back to a time before AIDS. “Time travel to tell off that idiot back when you should have done that but didn’t, remember?” was very popular. And even “Save England by assassinating William of Normandy!” This last offer apparently had no takers.

     Could someone from the past venture into our own century? If we were to travel back and offer them our time-nology, certainly. And so the offer was made. But hearing more about our time, those from the past thanked us but declined to make the journey.


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09 At All Adventure front cover

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