“My Fellow-Patients: Andy” / Memorable Fancies #530

[Continuing the journal of Diane McMurphy, a patient in Bad Shepherd mental hospital, “The Asylum”]

     Andy The New Guy wanders up to our lunch table, looks around for someone to talk to. I turn away but not in time. Andy has a problem – less annoying than what most of us do most of the time, I’ll admit, but still a nuisance.

     Every day, he thinks this is his first day in the asylum, asks where things are, introduces himself, etc. Just now he’s introducing himself to me for the maybe 483d time, and like a fool I’m telling him my name, naming the others around the table. He asks me for the 483d time where the men’s room is, and one of the others jumps up and gives him detailed directions that happen to be to the laundry room. After Andy wanders off, the others laugh, balancing a dirty trick against a history of having to put up with Andy for 483 consecutive days and counting. By tomorrow the laundry room will have been cleaned and we can do it all over again.

[to be continued …]


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