“Metaphors of Struggle and Peace” / Memorable Fancies #522

     Who controls the metaphors, the memes, the clichés. No one? Everyone? Our leaders? But that’s too simple. It doesn’t recognize that the metaphors, together, form an underlying implicit system, one that defines reality for us, and over which we have no control. We don’t notice this any more than a fish notices water.

     Each meme, after all, seeks its own survival and growth. Originally there was a Darwinian struggle in which “our leader has failed” competed with “our leader has prevailed,” and so on. But now, there are signs of a truce.

     When the meme “the memes are not controlling us” sweeps the country, that means the memes are in control and we will have a kind of peace at last.



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     See you tomorrow! Whatever happens here, you won’t be expecting it.


09 At All Adventure front cover


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