“Folder-Therapy” / Memorable Fancies #460

[Continuing the journal of Diane McMurphy, a patient in Bad Shepherd mental hospital, “The Asylum”]

     One of the patients sneaked a look inside a manila folder at the nurses’ station: the classic urban legend of the madhouse. I think it’s a plot; Doctor leaves papers around for us to “accidentally” find, read, be terrified or reassured. It’s some secret therapy, papers saying things he made up, lies about us, things he wants us to know and deny, fantasies for us to try on for size. It’s a plot. I’m beginning to think that everyone here is in on the secret but me.

     I see more manila folders every day, try find the special one that’s all about me, facts about my mind they’re keeping from me.

     Soon it will be time for me to do something serious about this situation.

[to be continued …]



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