“Mina Remembers” / Memorable Fancies #439

(former French West Africa, early 1960s)

     I remember — during the war the Germans came here, and the French learned to behave.

     I could take the Germans, then. They didn’t have moods. They thought we were happy primitives, no more, and so they were free to be friendly with us if they wanted to. And so, sometimes, they were. Sometimes. All the Europeans’ houses back then, they had a little statue of Hitler, usually just his head, right in the middle of their dining room tables. Sometimes he wore a helmet, sometimes not.

     You can’t find a single one of those little statues any more, even for free. I think everybody just went out the night the war ended when nobody was looking and smashed those little statues of Hitler right into the ground, trampled them down until no one could recognize what was left — or maybe they just hid them until next time. The French always think there will be a next time. So far, they’ve been right.

     And what about us? Our Leader used to wear a lion-skin loin-cloth, very dashing. Now he wears a suit just like the Europeans. He has Europeans take his notes and run his ministries, I hear, while people like me serve them.

     But he is black, and so it is all right with me, because one day when the Leader decides to do away with his Europeans, not one of us will stop him. Even though now he dresses like one of — them. Even though he is – they are saying, the ones leading our revolt are saying — he is one of them, now.


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