“The Cannibal Variations – IX” / Memorable Fancy #434


[The future: there’s not much left to eat but people.]


     Because hubes were people, they had always been counted for purposes of Congressional representation, even if the farmers and ranchers who owned them would not allow them to vote.

     Massachusetts, as the last state not allowing hube-farming, brought suit in federal court to change this practice.

      Mississippi, as the state with the largest number of farmed hubes, defended the principles that these animals should continue to be represented; after all, America was a democracy, wasn’t it? And these people were citizens, right, at least until they were eaten? After much hmmm-ing and haw-ing, the Supreme Court ruled that a legal decision was not appropriate, and that Congress should decide the issue.

[“hube” = human being; generally considered derogatory.[




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  1. Hahahaha. Hahahahaha. This is awesome!

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