“from the Aztec Sacrifice Training Manual, year 1518” / A Memorable Fancy #420

     If you didn’t cut it clean, keep the pace. Feel the black obsidian blade lift your arm again.

     Without a hint of hurry say the sacrificial words, but to yourself this time.

     Some have the heart a little to the right; some have it bound more tightly in; some have small dark veins to snap before the heart comes free.

     Move the blade strongly and simply, without shaking or jerking your head or hands.

     If the drug was too weak, if she comes to in fright and rises up against you crush her throat; hold her firm until she quiets down.

     Then cut the heart free, pull it up and toward you, lift it high. Say the prayer, speak up! Don’t let your voice shake this time. Don’t glance around. Try not to sweat so much.

     Keep it slow. Feel the black obsidian blade lift your arm




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