“The Re-Enactment” / A Memorable Fancy #418

[“…re-enactments. With actors recreating the postures, sounds, and ensuing mayhem …” – Pil & Galia Kollectiv]

     The producer wishes to re-enact the famous play where there was a riot, with many injured and a few dead.

     “How realistic do you want this to be?” the director asks. “If we advertise it as a re-enactment, then ticket-holders will know that some of them, at least, may die. The original production wasn’t that way, of course; the catastrophe was a complete surprise. So we can’t call it a ‘re-enactment,’ since if it’s not a surprise it wouldn’t play the same way.”

     “Yes, we can call it a ‘re-enactment,” the producer says. “The new audience will not believe that the previous calamity will actually occur, not in all its horror anyway, not just a few deaths but worse: wringing of hands, mournful newspaper stories, thoughts and prayers, finger-pointing at city officials, aggrieved and profitable lawsuits. So they will again be surprised; there will again be the deadly event and the tedious misadventures that follow.”

     “But,” asks the director, “what do we do for the second performance?”



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