“The Cannibal Variations II – The Gourmet of Souls” / A Memorable Fancy #414

[The future: there’s not much left to eat but people.]

     The gourmet of souls devours each of the dead while the soul is still fresh, while it still remembers love and struggle and final calamity. Then the eater glows with repast, is satiated until the next body is delivered, steaming fresh and just about to realize that it is dead, that fleeting instant when its meat has the most exquisite savor. As our bodies are sliced and diced and pass through this delightful digestive process, we are referred to as “tapas.”

[To be continued …]


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    *The Seventh Effect: a thriller from Melange Publications about a new kind of bioterrorist plot against the USA; praised by Kirkus Reviews.

    *See/Saw: a literary adventure from Ink Smith Publications about implanting memories, and a murder.

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  1. だから私はいつもレッスンで皆さんに言う・・

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