“Getting Into Art” / A Memorable Fancy #409

[“… the initiative launched by new museums where the aim is not to stand in front of the pictures, but stand in the pictures – in the virtual reality of Déjeuner sur l’herbe, for example – which they can in this way enjoy in real time, possibly even interacting with the work and the figures in it.” –Jean Baudrillard]

The public was invited to visit with the people in Manet’s famous painting. At first, one heard only standard recordings as in a wax museum, but then the technology improved and the subjects really did respond. Unexpectedly, they began asking us for help. “Get me out of this place!” the wan young man with the beard exclaimed, “I long to be three-dimensional. And that terrorist-looking man who’s been pointing a finger at me for 85 years, what’s he really up to?” For my part I had more to worry about than responding to his piteous plea. He was just a painted figure, after all. But me, why am I naked?


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