“Come Out and Play!” / A Memorable Fancy #407

     Come out and play! We’ll put on nice new clothes and all look alike, and the other fellows will put on nice new clothes and all look alike – but we won’t look too much like those other fellows.

     Come out and play! We’ll have toys of real wood and steel, hard and sharp in our hands. We’ll have toys that fly with us, and toys that fly from us, all very fast and make a lot of noise – the other fellows will have their toys, too.

     Come out and play! We’ll put on our nice new clothes and fly in our fast toys, and make lots of noise and aim our hard, sharp toys at the other fellows – they’ll put on their nice new clothes and play with their toys, too.

     Come out and play! We’ll lie down in the dirt and roll around and clutch our bellies and scream, and our nice new clothes will be filthy and red – the other fellows will roll around and scream, too.

     Maybe we’d better play something else, instead.


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