“Bombay Palace Restaurant (Formerly Joe’s Cafe) Staunton, Virginia” / A Memorable Fancy #401

     Formerly Joe owned this place. Formerly Joe cooked up chicken-fried steak hot beef sandwich potatoes and gravy two vegetables (your choice, but always carrots and peas), hard-perked coffee, two eggs any style they felt like serving,

     and Edna waited table.

     Formerly Joe knew all of us here in town, and we all came in one time or another, sat around and talked, ate up paid and left.

     Joe’s place was always there; we never thought about it much, even when we were there. But then Joe – Joe sold out.

     Edna sent a postcard from Florida last week with a couple of jokes. Seems they’re doing fine since Joe – since Joe sold out.

     I won’t forget Joe and Edna, I suppose. I’ll try.


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