“Five Briefs – VIII” / A Memorable Fancy #398

Larry is convinced he’s living in the future. Everything here is strange, confusing, unexplained, he tells people. He wonders what happened between his time and now. Why are there so few people? Why is there no rain?

Your life membership has expired. The plastic-card destroyer is knocking on your door with the butt of his scythe.


We’re free to do one thing only – the rest is given. We will always consider it our worst mistake. But it was our greatest achievement.

A god may possess you, or two or three gods fight over you, struggle for control of your mind and body – that’s how we explain our fears, our insanities. They don’t arise from within us. They aren’t our fault. Go blame a god.

I look up at the airliner’s reading light, suddenly aware of the oxygen mask lurking above it. Hours ago, now, I forgot about the mask. But I know it’s up there, waiting, waiting to put me on.




00 Seventh Effect front cover small image


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