“Five Briefs – VI” / Memorable Fancies #385

Out of pity, we discard our wornout memories where we know the poor will find them, perhaps at least once remember food, laughter, warmth.


In the land of Oobla-Da, even before one opens one’s mouth the other nods, smiles; or shakes, frowns. But this other does not speak, because one knows exactly what he would say if he were to speak. One merely nods, or shakes, or kicks, or gouges. And then the other –

[“No one speaks there, for everyone knows what everyone else wants to say.” Eliot Weinberger]


Carbon removal technology accidentally removes all the carbon from our bodies. There’s not much left but water.


I dream I have fallen asleep on the 28A Metrobus late one night. When I wake I find myself on a moving belt in the old-bus graveyard. Ahead of me I hear sounds of ripping, crushing. I try to open the door. There is pounding on the windows – there is pounding on the windows.

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