“They Told Me” / A Memorable Fancy #383

[“Might I not believe that once, without knowing it, I was taken far away from the earth – that other people even know this?” – Wittgenstein]

     They told me I went to another planet and came back. They insisted on interviewing me even though I didn’t have anything to say, because an accident on re-entry had wiped out my memories – they told me. I don’t remember being on another planet. At first I thought they were pulling my leg, or playing some practical joke while watching me with a hidden camera. But after a while, with everyone telling me I’d gone and come back, I came almost to believe it. Then the convincer was when a reporter got mad at me because I couldn’t tell him anything about the planet, said I was wasting his time.

     People I met told me, wistfully, that they wished it had been them on that lonely spaceship, the near collision with that meteor, the risky descent, the exploring, meeting the … well, we weren’t sure what they were; might not have even been organic. And then the return flight where everything went wrong and I barely made it back, was pulled unconscious from the wreckage of my ship – they told me.

   They told me the world stopped working and playing, sat at their TVs and computers enthralled during my trip, had lived my life minute by minute through that far voyage, where my survival and return were many times despaired.

      Yes, that’s something to talk about for a long time, to tell the grandkids, over and over, how it felt, how there was fear, then hope, then despair, then final joy.

      I’m the only one who can’t do that.


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