“Five Briefs – V” / A Memorable Fancy #380

A landscaper makes decorative uses of people; he places them in masses in front of public buildings, heads cut off and stuck in pots. Millions are horrified. Pundits proclaim. Many newspapers are sold, how-did-we-come-to-this posts posted.

The next day, something different happens.


There are adult-ed classes on how to deal with boredom, but they aren’t very interesting. Most of those who sign up drop out.


A world without representation – each thing is itself and not like anything else. There are no analogies, no symbolism. Everything is literal. And when a child is born, it would seem very strange – almost crazy – if someone were to say “he looks just like you.”


At the end of his life, they said, he found ultimate overwhelming satori. His eyes widened, a smile crept over his face and he died, still sitting up. Gracefully he slumped to the floor among the remains of his victims.


The life insurance salesman visited me. He spoke about a policy he’d like to sell me, but the words “die” or “death” never escaped his lips. As he seemed not to know what he was selling, I sent him on his way.


00 Seventh Effect front cover small image

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