“Tragedy” / A Memorable Fancy #379

It is an ancient time, the first time actors pretend that there is no audience. This is new. Always before, in all those past centuries, the actors declaimed toward the audience, addressed us.

This new way of acting is both revolutionary and insulting. Audiences boo at it. After all, those actors are ignoring us, are saying their best lines to each other, not to us. We paid admission, so we should be acknowledged, spoken to. We are the ones, after all, who are expected to applaud.

But the real problem is that we feel like interlopers now, sneaks snooping on events, privacies we should never have known. There are two people in the agora, telling each other things no outsiders like us should ever hear. Now we know who is guilty of the tragic act, has the tragic flaw. Now we feel guilty, too; flawed.

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