“The Tip” / A Memorable Fancy #377

[Scene in a diner in the manner of David Mamet. Characters are: A, an unsuccessful criminal; B, a successful criminal; and Waiter.]

(A enters and sits down across a table from B)

A: Fries any good here?

B: Thought about our deal?

A: Yeah, or I wouldn’t be here – right?

               Waiter: Who had the chili?

B: Maybe for the chili?

A: Cut the crap. “Inside tip,” you said.

B: Inside tip. Six figures. At least.

A: Quite a deal.

                Waiter: Ketchup you guys? Mustard? Warmup?

B: Would I lie?

A: Your last “deal” got me a suspended sentence, remember?

B: This one’s even better.

A: Fuck you.

                Waiter: Everything OK over here?

B: See? Even the hired help thinks you’re an asshole.

A: Fuck you.

B: Gonna leave a tip?


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