“Asylum – XII: Movie Time Again” / A Memorable Fancy #372

[Continuing the journal of Diane McMurphy, a patient in Bad Shepherd mental hospital, “The Asylum”]

     Another dayroom movie here in the asylum because, aside from terrifying visits with our mind-probers, that’s about all there is to do. This one is …:

     “Escape of the Maniacs – A group of obnoxious inmates of a lunatic asylum believe they are escaping from the institution and having various gruesome adventures, while in ‘reality’ only having a bad day in group. This documentary, claimed to be based on life in a real-life mental hospital, won several awards from juries who must have thought they were viewing a different film.”

     And once again, our critical acumen is displayed by comments around the dayroom:

     “This would be a real great slasher but all the best killing scenes were cut out from the original indie version, which just ruined it for me.”

     “This one has it all: naked women, cheesy dialog, lots of blood, and cops.”

“What movie?”

     “If anybody tells you to see Escape of the Maniacs they don’t like you.”

     “I started watching and suddenly got the urge to clean the toilet so I missed a lot of it.”

[to be continued …]


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