“The Great Video Cortex Machine – II” / A Memorable Fancy #347

     Kathy asks for personal advice. Millions are watching on TV and hundreds more in the studio. She has a deeply disturbing problem concerning her ex-husband and his cousin by a prior marriage. She describes it, bursts into tears. The host sympathizes, does not say “There, there,” or “You poor dear,” or “Just get over it!” Instead, he takes her by the hand, escorts her across the stage to the Great VidCor Video Cortex Machine while the studio audience applauds and whistles and the show’s musical theme is reprised in a major key. Kathy is seated, electrodes are placed on her head (that’s just for show – electrodes are no longer required).

     There is a dramatic pause; a bright red switch is thrown. Gradually, Kathy’s past becomes simpler, less demanding. She feels the bad things in her life draining away. She feels the millions watching her, how they’re cheering her on. She can’t imagine why she ever had all those worries. She rises, smiling. Her ex-husband and the cousin by a prior marriage enter from the wings, caress her. The audience goes wild with cheering. Kathy accepts her brand-name prizes and goes home. Kathy is happy. Kathy has no worries now. Kathy never has any more worries. This is so wonderful, she thinks. Why doesn’t everyone do it?

     Actually, they did; Kathy was the last. Now everyone is happy.

<END> … See www.terencekuch.net for a profile of the author, publications, reviews, etc. His speculative fiction novels * may be purchased in paperback or Kindle formats via his Amazon author page, www.amazon.com/author/terencekuch

Review copies are available from the author at terencekuch /a/t/ ymail.com for:

    *The Seventh Effect: a thriller from Melange Publications about a new kind of bioterrorist plot against the USA.

    *See/Saw: a literary adventure from Ink Smith Publications about implanting memories – then the North Koreans figure out how to do it.

 00 Seventh Effect front cover small image


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