“Overs and Unders” / A Memorable Fancy #341

Ever since we Overgrounders discovered the Undergrounders – the “Unders” – relations have been tense. Here are just a few of the current problem areas:


Some of our subways run through the Unders’ territory – they catch rides on top of our trains, a very dangerous thing to do and they leave messy footprints, too.


Unders pull our crops deeper into the earth, harvest them – Overgrounder farmers poke sharp sticks into the ground to try to get the Unders to stop.


We asked the Unders about alligators in the sewers. Yes, they said, it’s become a real problem down here. And the Burmese pythons, too. Of course they blame us for these tribulations, as they blame us for oil spills, sewage overflows, and everything they consider “pollution.” Shame on them.


Unders believe their old legends that life on the surface is the Hell for those who were wicked underground in a prior life. This is actually true, even if most of us up here don’t know it yet.


Unders are terrified of the open sky – a few of them have been Over on diplomatic missions. We cover them with roofs, awnings, large hats.


Joe Morrison fell down a well and was rescued by the Unders. For a few weeks, relations improved. Then they discovered that Joe was a CIA spy.


The Overgrounder government announces a new, tougher Vertical Foreign Policy.


In the interest of improving intra-earth relations, Overs sometimes lie on the ground and thump it with their fists. The Unders’ response is typically something like “Hi up there! Have a nice day!” but sometimes it’s “Hey keep it down will you, we’re trying to sleep down here.”


There is a traditional Under joke about “the other shoe dropping.”


The Unders ask the Overs if there is an Over-over somewhere above our own heads. We Overs laugh, say there can’t be any such thing. Overground is the top level. Nothing more could be up there. Nothing.

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Thank you – tk



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